Code of Conduct

The general welfare of our group depends on the conduct of each individual; this ensures the success of the event and provides the maximum benefit to everyone. As an attendee, I understand this and support the reasonable demands of conduct expected of me.

I understand I am solely responsible for my behavior, and for abiding by the Code of Conduct. The DVGC Committee may, at its sole discretion, elect to ban violators of this Code of Conduct from participating at or attending future events.

As a Double Vigil Golf Classic attendee, I will:

  1. Comply with federal, state and city laws, and facility regulations, including those that prohibit the use of fireworks, firearms, and gambling. Infraction of these laws and regulations will be cause for immediate dismissal from the event.
  2. Regarding alcohol:
    1. If under the age of 21: refrain from the purchase, possession, or consumption of alcoholic beverages. This will result in immediate dismissal from the event.
    2. If age 21 or over: refrain from supplying alcoholic beverages to minors. This will result in immediate dismissal from the event.
    3. Consume responsibly, knowing that my conduct on the course and at the hotel is reflective of the Double Vigil Golf Classic and all associated parties.
  3. Be personally responsible for breakage, damage, or loss of property.
  4. At all times, be a considerate guest of the course and of the hotel, and observe all rules set forth by our host venues regarding the use of their facilities.