Golf Tournament - Fun & Fellowship For All

Are you the next Phil Mickelson?  Do you live to run away with the tournament by 10 strokes?  Or, do you gauge your success on the course by how many beverages are left in the cooler at the end of the day??

Whether the Double Vigil Golf Classic is your first time on a course without windmills, or you regularly tee it up each week, this tournament is guaranteed to be filled with Fun & Fellowship for All.


Each team at registration will be asked to decide between competing in the Championship Flight or the Fellowship Flights.  The winner of the Championship Flight will be the official tournament champion. Your team is only eligible to win the Wadford Cup by choosing to compete in the Championship Flight.  Every team not electing to compete in the Championship Flight will be randomly assigned to one of two Fellowship Flights.  

Scoring for the tournament is computed by a gross best-ball stroke-play; golfers of similar skill levels are able to compete against one another for victory within their flight. So the highly skilled and competitive teams play against one another in the Championship Flight, while the recreational golfers are grouped in several different flights.

Option 1: "Championship Flight"
The PRIZE:  

  • 1st Place Team will be named the Tournament Champions
  • Names of Tournament Champions will be forever engraved on the Wadford Cup.
  • 1st Place Team walks away with Prize Money


  • It's All-or-Nothing: only one team will win the Wadford Cup and Prize money.
  • There is no prize for 2nd or 3rd place in the Championship Flight

Option 2: "Fellowship Flights"
The PRIZE:  

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Teams in each of the Fellowship Flights will walk away with Prize Money


  • Your team is not eligible to win the Wadford Cup
  • Teams are randomly assigned to the Fellowship Flights - you don't know who you are competing against. 


Teams will play a 4-person Best-Ball Scramble.

Each player in a team tees off at the start of every hole and the team decides which shot was best. Other players then play their second shot within one club length from the chosen position, maintaining the same lie conditions (i.e. in the fairway, in the rough, in a bunker). On the green the balls are placed within one putter head of the ball marker. The procedure is repeated until the hole is finished.

This format keeps the game moving and gives less-experienced players a chance at winning. On a 4-player team, for the each nine holes, each player's tee-off drive must be used twice. That means the most drives that one person can utilize is three per nine holes.


Arrive as early as 10:00am to warm up on the putting, chipping greens or driving range. Lunch will be served starting at 11:00am and all players must be checked-in by 11:30am. There will be a group photo at 11:45 outside the clubhouse and we will tee off at 12:00pm.

A COURSE RULE: PLAYERS MAY NOT SHARE SETS OF CLUBS. If you do not personally own a set of golf clubs, the course has several sets available for rent - $25-45 per set. To reserve a set please call the course ahead of time at (602) 431-6480 as there are a limited number of sets the course can provide.

Refreshment carts will be driving around the course throughout the game.

Mulligans and Paint Sticks are available for purchase and will not only help improve your game, but the proceeds will help increase the overall contribution given by the DVGC Legacy Fund.